Half a 10 Car Garage

Every gear head has one or is currently forming one, it’s one of the criteria. 10 perfect cars that you would put in your perfect garage to drive for the rest of your perfect life. I’ve found that everyone like lists so I will be displaying my perfect garage in list format, though, in order to not drone on, I will post half of the list now and the other half at a later date.


1. Nissan GTR

Not a particularly beautiful, but from an engineering standpoint it's gorgeous

Not a particularly beautiful, but from an engineering standpoint it’s gorgeous

Listen: this car isn’t gorgeous, it doesn’t have some eccentric, beautiful interior out of a space shuttle, but it does have one trump card.

You see, every engine in a GTR is hand-built by Nissan’s engineers. Someone, with their hands, took some metal, some rubber, and a bit of plastic and made a thing of beauty.

This thing of beauty is, without a doubt, it’s centerpiece. The engine (3.8L V6) pumps out 545 turbocharged horses. This is a drivers car and that’s why it’s perfect.

2. Ford F150 SVT Raptor

100 miles an hour, on just about any surface.

100 miles an hour, on just about any surface.

Snow, sleet, ice, mud, rocks, sand, gravel, grass, asphalt: these are the surfaces that this car can take on with ease, and if there’s some that you can think of that I forgot then please add it to the list.

In my mind, this is the ultimate truck. The lubricant in the suspension in this car is more expensive than entire suspension systems in other cars, pure insanity.

This is the insanity that drives gear heads. Yes, I would like to jump off of dunes in the Mojave going 100 miles an hour and when I land, I would like some well lubricated shocks.

Best truck ever, america, yes. (That’s not really a sentence but I think it gets the point across of why it’s perfect)

3. Mclaren F1

Doors that say "look at me! I cost more than your house! And I can go 250 MPH! Try beating that in your camry!

Doors that say “look at me! I cost more than your house! And I can go over 200 MPH! Try beating that in your Camry!

I have always had tremendous respect for car engineers. They pump out things that inspire passion within us, but in the case of the F1 they hit a milestone. When it was released in the 90s it was the fastest production car in the world.

This is admirable to me because, to me, this is what engineering crazy cars like this should be about.

I just imagine in the meeting they sat down looked at an aerodynamic fish and said “how can we make that go well over 200 miles per hour?”

The answer: 6 liter v12 with over 600 horses in a car that weights a little more than a ton.

And the best part? One seat, in the middle, like your piloting a tie fighter from Star Wars. That’s the reason its better than a Veyron.

in all seriousness, it was built to be the best and that’s how a supercar should be.

4. Ford Shelby GT350 Mustang

The most classic definition of American classic muscle.

The most classic definition of American classic muscle.


You see one of these, you don’t think of the genius of some engineer who has a girl’s name (although you should), no, you think of america: good ol’ boys, red white and blue, stars and stripes, big V8s, steak, burgers, freedom, loud hemi’s, drag races in between the lights, and blue jeans, you think of America.

Hop in one of these, barbecue with your friends, watch some football, and then go sit by the fire pit with maybe a bit of Springsteen or CCR in the background.

Classic America: that’s what it defines. Perfection.

5. Subaru Impreza WRX

It's not a looker, it's a hatchback, but there's something about it that makes you scared a bit.

It’s not a looker, it’s a hatchback, but there’s something about it that makes you scared a bit.

This car is perfect for one reason: versatility.

You want to take your kids to school, with your dog, to school and then go to the grocery store still with dog and buy enough groceries for the next few weeks? You can, but on the other side of the coin you can go drive 100 miles an hour, around a dirt and gravel rally track.

That’s what make this a perfect car, you can transport your mountain bikes and your snowboards and your golden retriever and your kids, and have a bit of fun while you’re doing it.

What else do you need?


7 comments on “Half a 10 Car Garage

  1. sleeharris says:

    My Cousin has the new Ford Raptor and it is so much fun, but I love the 70’s Ford Bronco! Troller, some company in Brazil has made a TR-X and it’s like a modern bronco/ fj cruiser. here’s the link! Thttp://www.foxnews.com/leisure/2012/10/29/ford-bronco-resurfaces-in-brazil/

  2. hayeswilliam says:

    You seem to have 5 empty spots in this supposed 10 car garage may I take these free spots?

  3. bortzconnor says:

    I gotta say, I’m loving the Mclaren F1. Its got the speed, the engine, and the beautiful physique that’ll really knock your socks off. Hands down my favorite car on there,

  4. lwiseman says:

    I’m impressed with the Impreza. End-of-the-year teacher gift?

  5. olimauk says:

    Where is the lamborghini? Those are supposed to be the fastest right?

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