Brace Yourselves, The Pollen Is Coming


Since the school blocked reddit I make my own memes to entertain myself. Here is my dilemma in meme form.

Since the school blocked reddit I make my own memes to entertain myself. Here is my dilemma in meme form.

With the coming of spring a lot of things are returning from hibernation. Warm weather, bright colored clothing, bears, and, unfortunately, pollen. Pollen is how plants reproduce. It contains the “male parts” of the reproduction process and is eventually transfered to the “female parts” of the plant. Oh, and one more thing about pollen: I am very allergic to it.

This causes a problem for me. You see, as the days get warmer, the first thing that comes into my head is: TOP DOWN WEATHER!!! I promplty take the top down, throw on the Ray Bans, and proceed cruise around like a cool kid. Then, the clock strikes 11, my bed time. I go to sleep leaving my topless car parked underneath two beautifully blossoming trees. I awake at 7; I shower, brush my teeth, clothe myself, eat breakfast, grab my stuff and then go to my car to drive to school.

Upon arriving to my car, I discover that the beautiful trees have betrayed me. I find numerous buds and a nice dusting from my good ol’ friend pollen. My eyes proceed to explode in fiery redness. My nose then begins to swell  and become congested as I begin to sneeze uncontrollably.

Once I recover from this fit of reactions I can proceed, though my eyes continue to bother me. This is a true problem. There are few greater things than cruising with the top down. I take zyrtec and all that good stuff, it simply doesn’t work. The way I see it have a few options.

1. Go to an allergenist and get real medicine (too much work).

2. Drive with the top up (yeah right).

3. Continue to be stubborn and take the pain like a man.

I think in this instance I need to swallow my pride and hand the victory to mother nature on this one. Number 3 it is. Curse you plant gametes nature!!!


5 comments on “Brace Yourselves, The Pollen Is Coming

  1. shassey says:

    We should capture all of the pollen

  2. sleeharris says:

    I’m allergic to horse dandruff, cats, and hay… I feel your pain.

  3. wmajchszak says:

    Adding onto Steve’s comment, we should take all the pollen, and move it somewhere else!

  4. hayeswilliam says:

    Ya be a man, man up you girly girl

  5. erikflynn says:

    wow poor you you have coool jeep wahh

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