We are back, baby!

America, land of the free home of the brave. The 21st century has thrown us a few curveballs and in my mind (after a little bit of time) we have put ourselves on the correct path.

The automotive industry is no exception. Since “the big three” (Chrysler, Ford, GM, and all their factions) went to Washington and asked for money (despite Ford not getting any) there has been nothing but progress towards America, once again, creating great cars. I would also argue that the economic crisis caused cuts that were beneficial to the automotive community. In other words, I’m glad GM had to cut Pontiac, Mercury, and Saturn. It is indeed terrible that the workers of those companies lost their jobs, but those companies had lost what car manufacturing was all about.

Doesn't it just look like a whole lot of fun?

Doesn’t it just look like a whole lot of fun (Focus ST)?

You shouldn’t just build a car to fill a line, you should want to improve the automobile, you should be inspired to create the next great piece of technology that could change the world. These companies took shortcuts and as a result created cheap, plastic, poorly built cars.

5 years after the bailout we find ourselves living in a glorious land of  American cars. Fiestas and Focuses are looking great. I particularly enjoy the ST versions but that is just the teenager in me. Mustangs are looking great, I even think that the Fusion somewhat resemble a Rapide or some other big Aston.

And I don’t only like fords, as for one of the companies that actually received government money, GM has stepped it up too. I think Chevy is doing well; look at the new impala. ¬†When I was younger and I heard the name Imapala I thought of just any general car. It was simply four wheels, some plastic, an engine, and some bits that tied everything together and there it was. What has Chevy done with your money tax payers? They have brought the Impala back to its roots, a big luxury sedan. And the cherry on the cake of Chevy’s line? The newest Corvette. The new

*shiver* Doesn't it look so good? (2013 Corvette Stingray)

*shiver* Doesn’t it look so good (2013 Corvette Stingray)?

Stingray is not on sale yet, but when it hits the markets I predict it will be the best car to come out of the States since the Gt-40, Fords street-legal remake of its legendary racing car from the 60s. The one thing about GM I will say is I don’t really understand why GMC exists, it’s essentially Chevrolet. The same exact thing, I don’t really get it.

Chrysler and its divisions are doing a good job too. I think that in this decade Jeep has really stepped it up. Grand Cherokees are much nice than they have been in the past, the best SUV that comes out of America if you ask me. Dodge came out with the Dart, a remake of the original Dart, a car from the 70s. I’d even go as far as to call some of the 300 and 200 Chryslers cool too. They have tried so hard to make them cool using celebrities that the kids like. For example Eminem, a popular rapper from Detroit (where the company is based), has appeared in many commercials for Chrysler.

These cars are the kind of products that make you proud to be an American. You look at the Corvette or the Mustang and you think: Hey, we really can create something great if we actually work together and focus on using the great minds and ideas the people of this country possess to create something that can truly compete on a global scale. All we have to do is try.