Falling forward

My personal favorite time of the year is among us; the leaves change, I can procrastinate by watching three football games on Sunday, nice cool weather. The weather though does take some getting used to. Over the summer I was accustomed to hoping in my topless Jeep turning the key and going on my way. Fall being among us, I now have to go with an entire routine. First off the car must be started (obviously). It is a matter of when to start the car in the fall/winter months. Do I go out and start it and allow it to warm up as I eat breakfast? Or do I throw caution to the wind and shiver all the way to school until the heat actually becomes hot? The latter does save me a trip all the way outside and back, and on account of my attitude during the morning I would much rather stay in my nice, warm house. That being said, my freshly showed hair has been known to freeze on the particularly cold days. Still not worth going all the way outside. 

Then there is a matter of washing my vehicle. I love washing my car by hand but when it gets cold it takes much more commitment than  during the summer. You see, if being very cold wasn’t enough you add water to the equation, and it is not as attractive of an activity as it is in the 90 degree heat. Despite this, I can’t simply drive around in a yucky car, this world is too much based on appearance. I can’t go to the car wash because the chemicals they use will melt my soft top windows. I guess I have to just man up, brave the storm, and get the bird stuff of my car. 

Wish me luck.


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