The death of a legend

The motoring community shed a tear this July when a legend died. The last mighty BMW M3 coupe was taken off the assembly line and sent to the dealer to be bought by a lucky man who is about to embark on a journey with a new incredibly talented friend. What began in 1986 has ended in 2013 and I think it would be right to take some time to look back on the wonderful life of the M3 coupe.

Now obviously, the M3 sedan is not dead, this is all part of BMW’s organization stint. For some reason they want to split coupes and sedans into 4 and 6, and 3 and 5 series. So yes there will be a new kid in town we will call the four series which will be written about in the future, but now it is time to reflect.

We were blessed with the coming of the M3 coupe in the mid 80s with the E30. This was truly a great. I am a very big e30


Genesis. The E30 M3. (BBC)


fan because of my experience with them. They truly are great. You got a nice 5 speed connected to a 2.5L four cylinder which would pump up 250 horses. I love the look of E30s. BMW is known for having rather generic looking cars but this one is beautiful in its simplicity. It was a great start to a great car.

Then came the E36. I haven’t always loved these mostly because they bring up the 90s, the dark ages of the American car. The e36 range of 3 series may have been the worst looking of the history of the 3 series. They tried to go with the angular, slick style of the times and it is something for which I really have a distaste. Appearance is beside the fact, though, as the e36 M3 was a great car to drive. The engineering had improved every mechanical aspect from the e30 and made the car faster and more exciting. The best part? You don’t have to look at the exterior when your driving!

The E46 was faster still. It was becoming accustomed to the high-tech automotive world we live in today. It needed to add advanced speaker systems, navigation equipment, etc. The M3 version is excellent and I can tell you this from experience. I have driven this specific model and I believe it to be the best car I have driven yet, though I am 16.

The last of a great generation leaves the line. (BBC)

The last of a great generation leaves the line. (BBC)

Then modern era hath come the e90/92/93. The fourth generation, the last hurrah of the M3 coupe. Without the stupid limiter that the germans put on these things you can top 200 with  the v8 under the hood. This is probably the best of the series to drive because of the immense power. BMWs get smoother and less angular and right angled over time and so this smooth sleek version looked great as the final coupe came off the line this summer. And it was orange. To me that is like the Colonel being buried in his white suit, like Lincoln being buried in his top hat. This is how we will always see this great coupe. In bright colors forever tailgating us on the highway, and we love it for that. So goodbye M3 coupe, you will be missed.

Rest in peace.